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Accounting and administration

Preparation of settlements

Running a business brings not only income, but also losses. If you want to limit them as much as possible, you must have a properly settled contract. We can prepare the necessary documents for you: cost estimate, orders and invoices. We will also help in choosing the optimal bidder, checking their honesty and reliability.

Building administration

We offer comprehensive services in the field of building administration. We deal with administration not only from the formal, but also from the technical side - from lease contracts to technical repairs in the internal or external part of the building. The result of our work will be the satisfaction of not only the client, but also each tenant.

"Quiet Audit"

The "silent audit" service is offered mainly to business clients. It consists in checking whether the clients of our contractor are served in accordance with the service policy adopted by him. As part of the service, we check the financial credibility and economic honesty of contractors. A silent audit also provides for efficient economic and commercial intelligence and reliable verification of the company's references. In this regard, we cooperate with the best economic detectives.

Accounting and administration

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