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Legal and office services

Preparation of pleadings

Skillful preparation of a pleading is a real art. The success of a particular case often depends on how a letter is drafted. In any case, you can count on our professionalism. We guarantee an individual approach to the client. After getting acquainted with the details, we will develop a letter for you in such a way that the opposing party in the trial will surely know that he is not dealing with a layman!

Documentation for the national court register

Dealing with the formalities related to entry in the National Court Register on your own can sometimes be burdensome - especially if someone lacks experience in this field. Also in this case, we are at your disposal! Our employees will come to the meeting and provide free advice, and then execute the order at a favorable price. We will organize a meeting and prepare all the necessary documents, ensuring professionalism and their full compliance with the letter of the law!

Drafting contracts of various types

Each concluded contract should be carefully prepared and thoroughly analyzed. The correct course of the transaction depends on it. Many people struggle with the problem of unclear contracts, containing too laconic or even unfavorable for them, and sometimes even insidious provisions. So if you have any doubts, you can rely on us! We will verify the contract quickly and free of charge and - if necessary - prepare a document that will be safe for both parties! We prepare purchase and sale, lease, transfer and other civil law contracts.

Recovery of debts and unduly collected contributions from the repaid loan

Banks and financial institutions in which loans are taken sometimes do not return interest on the repaid loan. In this case, we help clients recover the amount they are owed. We will thoroughly verify the whole case, and the only fee we will charge is the commission calculated before signing the contract with us on the sum of interest paid.

Business plans

There are many benefits to drawing up a business plan. This document allows the employer or natural person to apply for financial support from the state or banks. In the case of people starting a business, it is a necessary condition for obtaining a loan. If you need a substantively good business plan, use our professional services! Our employees and people cooperating with us will prepare an appropriate business plan for you. In addition, we will submit a factual application to the appropriate institutions, starting with those with whom we have signed contracts.

Help in obtaining a larger allowance for carers of people with disabilities

People applying for a disability care allowance face various obstacles from officials. In this case, we can help you get the benefit you are due by charging only the fee in the amount of the agreed commission.

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