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Office Services Center - about us

Our company was established in 2000. In the initial phase, the activity was limited to compensation and replacement cars. Along with the growing expectations of our clients, we began to expand the scope of our services. We created BIUPIS Application Writing and Process Letters, and over time we introduced new changes to the offer. Currently, most office services are already filled.

Our activities mainly include the preparation of pleadings (lawsuits, private indictments, evidence motions) and civil law contracts. We write business plans needed to obtain loans or grants. We also help people claiming compensation after an accident or an appropriate allowance for caring for a disabled person. We mediate in courier services.

Our strengths

We can also be proud of cooperation with recognized companies. Our partners are leaders in various industries. They have extensive knowledge and competences, which translate into high quality of our services. Our Center focuses on continuous development, expanding the offer and increasing the number of consultation points. You can be sure that we will thoroughly verify your case, provide detailed information and complete the order in an optimal manner.

We invite you to take advantage of our rich offer!

We have signed agency agreements with the following companies:

EUCO European Compensation Center


Krajowa Energia Sp. z o.o. (Photovoltaic)


EUCOVIPCAR (car rental)


Renovation and construction company "Na Szustkę" (administrative repairs)


Legal Advisers' Office



Claims Center

 Centrum dochodzenia roszczeń


Our charity help

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